Say Goodbye to Thick Lenses

BY SeeclearOptical

Are you familiar with any of these situations? 
•    You enjoy wearing trendy frames, but your glasses don’t look good because your lenses are too thick.  
•    Your lenses add weight to your glasses, so when you remove them they leave red marks on your nose.  
•    You like to wear larger frames but you are told that if you do so, your lenses will be thicker.  

Then, this post is for you.

Glasses with Thickest Lenses

If you are suffering from refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, you tend to wear glasses to correct your vision. Eyeglasses rectify refractive errors by making up with factors like eye length and the curvature of the cornea and lens, thus providing you with good vision. If you’ve got a strong prescription, you might require thicker glasses of lenses. As lens power increases, so does the lens thickness. Thicker lenses have thicker edges which can result in heavy lenses. 

Having to wear the thickest prescription glasses can limit your option in terms of your eyewear selection. This is because thicker lenses need a thicker frame to hold the lens.

Also, wearing the thickest glasses of lenses can be uncomfortable and unattractive. Fortunately, you are not stuck and you no more need to wear the thickest glasses lenses in the world. Thanks to high-index lenses. In today’s post, See Clear shares what are thick glasses lenses and how high-index lenses can help.

Why Are My Lens So Thick?

Generally, eyeglasses use curved lenses to rectify eyesight problems. If you’ve got a short-sight problem you will have to wear lenses that are thicker at the edge and thinner in the middle. Whereas if you’re a long-sighted person, your lenses will be thicker in the middle and thin at the edge. 
Scientifically, when your refractive error measurement increases, your lenses require more curvature to rectify your sight - i.e. the higher your measurement, the more lens material is required and the thicker your lenses become.

If your prescriptions are so high then your lenses can appear absurdly large and heavy and can distort how you look.

High Index Lenses - The Solution For Thick Glasses

The best solution to thicker glasses lenses is the sleek high index lenses. High-index lenses can rectify your eyesight problem without the “coke-bottle” look. 

What Are High Index Lenses?

High index plastic lenses are made from a plastic material that is of a higher density that bends light more efficiently. The higher the index, the thinner the lens will appear, resulting in improved vision for you and also giving you a much more appealing look.

What Types Of High Index Lenses Are Available?  

High index lenses are now available for all lens types. Whether you need Single Vision, Bifocal, Extended Focus, Anti Fatigue, or Multifocal lenses, you can get high index lenses.

There is also two types of high index lens. The first one is a spherical lens design and the other one is an aspheric lens design. 
If you’ve got a strong power, the lenses will be more curved, both front and back. The generally aspherical lens is considered the best as it has a flatter lens design giving a better vision and a more natural view. 

Benefits Of High Index Lenses


As they have the ability to bend light more efficiently, these lenses for short-sightedness have thinner edges than lenses that are made with conventional plastic material for the same prescription power.  


High index lenses made with less lens material. This reduces the overall weight of the lenses. Thus, lenses made with high-index lenses weigh lighter when compared to conventional plastic. This makes the high index lens glasses more comfortable to wear.

Benefits Of AR Coating:

In general, all lens materials block some amount of light from passing through the lens. The light gets reflected from the lens surface leading to distractions and reducing the clarity of the vision. 

While conventional glasses reflect only about 8% of the light, high index lenses reflect up to 50% more light than conventional or plastic lenses.
Furthermore, to have the best vision and appearance, it’s a best practice to have an anti-reflective lens coating for your high index lenses. 

Anti-reflective high index lenses pass on up to 99.5% of light to the eye for best vision. Added to this, AR coating also helps to get rid of lens reflections making high index lenses nearly invisible. This way others looking at you can see only your eyes and not your lenses. 

Also, studies have proved that lenses with AR coatings can provide sharper night vision with less glare. This is great news for night drivers.

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